Looking for abstract paintings?

Sille Gallery offers a wide range of abstract paintings

• Contemporary or modern
• Both for rent and sale
• By Dutch artists

In abstract paintings or sculptures, the emphasis is on composition, colors, surfaces and lines. The own interpretation plays an important role in this, in which no exact picture of reality is given. Our artists have developed their own style, a personal handwriting is recognizable in this.


Sille Gallery provides free art advice. Are you looking for art but don’t know what the possibilities are?

Art Consultant Tamara Sille can show you several works of art on site. Scanning your taste in combination with style and size may be a solution for you. SilleKunst enjoys realizing your wishes.

Kunst: After the storm van kunstenaar Eelco Maan


abstract element paintings
Kunst: The counter Blast van kunstenaar Rinus Hofman


layered oil paintings
Kunst: rise van kunstenaar Sietse Goverts


expressive abstract paintings

Our collection of abstract paintings

In our collection you can find all of our abstract paintings in an overview, there are more than 200. Above and below are a few examples of various artists from our gallery.