Glass art by Dutch Artists

Glass is Alive!

Sille Gallery has a varied range of contemporary glass objects. The Dutch artists create unique images in the most traditional way with glass fusion and glassblowing. Performed by artists from the academy and training from glass studios.

Our collection consists of various wall sculptures, figurative and abstract glass objects. Be inspired by our versatile range.

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Glass art Fons Uytdehaag by Sille Gallery

The craft of glass art

The works of art are made entirely by hand. Glass art is an authentic artisan craft. The material is a natural product. The raw materials consist of sand, lime and soda. These raw materials are heated and mixed at a high temperature of no less than 1400ยบ. The ratio in which these raw materials are used also plays a crucial role in the making of glass sculptures. To provide the glass with color, the glassblower uses different metal oxides. Each individual metal oxide causes the glass to take on a different color. Special colors are created by combining metal oxides with each other.

Some examples of our glass artists

Kunst: Schaal serie Pebbles “Opaque” van kunstenaar Angenelle Thijssen


glass art and paintings
Kunst: Miss Kiss I van kunstenaar Sjaak Smetsers


figurative glass art and bronze
Kunst: Lapis Mystery van kunstenaar Jeroen van de  Brug

van de Brug

abstract glass art
Kunst: Human Rights van kunstenaar Mari Meszaros


figurative glass art
Kunst: madame Coco van kunstenaar Janine C. Schimkat

C. Schimkat

glass art objects

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