Sculpture gift

Would you like to donate a sculpture?

Sille Gallery offers you a wide choice of sculptures, statues and objects. With us you can choose from a large and varying range. Think, for example, of ceramic sculptures, special vases in glass or porcelain, sculptures in bronze, metal or plastic for both indoors and outdoors. In the collection of our sculptures you can easily search by size, material, theme, color and price. But commissioned art is also one of the possibilities.

On the left Lilian Steenhuisen – in the middle  Mo Cornelisse – on the right Margarita van der Velden


• Sculptures by Dutch artists
• In different price ranges, materials and sizes
• Extraordinary as a gift
• Suitable for a business relationship, marriage or retirement
• Have you found a suitable work of art, but you still can’t decide? Reserve it for up to five days.

Sculpture by Jan Verschueren at Sille Gallery

Collection of sculptures

You can easily and conveniently search through our sculpture collection on our website, or visit our gallery in Oudewater of the Netherlands.

Would you like some help finding the right sculpture or in having a sculpture commissioned?
Please contact us.