Looking for contemporary or modern art?

There is often confusion about contemporary or modern art

Contemporary art includes all visual art that is made “now”. Furthermore, contemporary art is primarily exhibited in museums and art galleries. In art criticism, all recent art from the sixties is usually called contemporary art or current art. In art history, previous expressions of art of the 20th century have often been called “modern art“, but the distinction is not absolute and some artists fall into both categories.

At Sille Gallery, you will mainly find contemporary art from artists who are currently active
• Paintings, photography and sculptures
• Both for rent and sale
• By Dutch artists
• For your home, garden or office

You can easily and conveniently search through our art collection.
Sort by technique, style, subject, size, price and colour.

Kunst: Oyster Queen at Goese Sas van kunstenaar Hans Withoos


fine art photography
Kunst: Onotona, Pacific van kunstenaar Rinus Hofman


layered oil paintings
Kunst: Stinkertje 17 van kunstenaar Saskia Hoeboer


small art handmade
Kunst: Paarden  Pa-03 van kunstenaar Jan van Lokhorst

van Lokhorst

figurative and abstract oil paintings
Kunst: Saga van kunstenaar Jenny Boot


fine art photography
Kunst: Mossel (dark L) van kunstenaar Jolanda Drukker Murray

Drukker Murray

abstract pigment ceramics
Kunst: Tres Piedras Cortenstaal van kunstenaar Angelo Moyano


sculptures in various materials
Kunst: Abstract landschap 2305 van kunstenaar Marly Freij(vergezichten)


abstract landscape paintings
Kunst: Moeder & Dochter van kunstenaar Geeske van de Molengraft

van de Molengraft

light wall objects

Commissioning a work of art

Is the work of a certain artist very appealing to you, but there is no suitable work of art available at the moment? Artists also work on commission. The artist will carefully listen to your desires, and create a new and unique painting or sculpture for you, in his own style. This is always done without obligation, because the end result is uncertain. Ask about the possibilities.

Art advice

Are you looking for art but don’t know what the possibilities are? Gallery Sille provides free art advice. Art Consultant Tamara Sille can show you several paintings or sculptures on site. Scanning your taste in combination with style and size may be a solution for you. Gallery Sille enjoys realizing your wishes.


Do you have any questions or are you interested in art advice? Please contact Tamara Sille. Do you have any questions or are you interested in art advice?

+31 348 748 115