Renting Art or Buying Art at Sille Gallery

At Sille Gallery, one can rent art and buy art. The purchase and/or rental costs are listed with each available artwork. Some artworks are only for sale and not for rent, this depends on the type of artwork and the size of the available collection. Of course, trying it out for a few days is always possible.

You can visit our gallery or order artwork online. Would you like to visit our gallery and you already have an artwork in mind? Then it is convenient to let us know before your visit via email for a no-obligation reservation. Then we will make sure this artwork is available to you and can be presented in our gallery. Upon purchase, Sille Gallery can arrange for delivery and installation. It is possible to take advantage of an art purchase scheme with a 20% down payment and monthly repayment within 1 to 2 years.

Would you like to try out the artwork first? Sille Gallery gives you the opportunity for a free, no-obligation trial placement.

Bernadette Degraeve art


How to order art online?



On the website, you can fill out an application form for rental or purchase with the selected artwork. After you enter and submit your contact information, Sille Gallery will contact you a.s.a.p. (usually the same day) to confirm the order. We will ask you if you want to pick up the artwork at our address in Oudewater or have it delivered.


Sille will deliver the artwork by appointment after we contact you by phone. We charge a small fee of 0.44 cents per kilometer for this. You can easily calculate your delivery cost at the order form. Artworks smaller than 70 x 170 cm will be carefully shipped via parcel service for 7.50 euros. For purchases over 1,500 euros, delivery is free.


After the order confirmation, Sille Gallery will contact you to ask which way you want to pay. This can be done via pin transaction or wire transfer. Upon purchase, you may be able to take advantage of our art purchase plan with a 20% down payment, then monthly repayment within 1 or 2 years.

Not-good-money-back guarantee:

We operate the Not-good-money-back guarantee. Although a work of art is often much more impressive than the image on the screen, it can of course happen that the artwork still disappoints. Please let us know by phone (0348 – 748 115) as soon as possible – but within two business days – if you do not want to keep the artwork.


Lending, as it were, is “on sight” for a while. You rent a work of art for a maximum of 6 months. You don’t have to worry about forgetting exactly when the loan period ends. A loan never automatically turns into a purchase. After 6 months, Sille Gallery will contact you to learn from you whether you wish to renew, exchange, purchase or arrange for pickup.
Upon purchase, you will receive a 100% refund of the rental cost on purchase incl. the savings budget. You will receive an invoice so you can transfer the remaining amount and the artwork will be your property.


Would you first like to come see the artwork in real life at our gallery in Oudewater? In our large gallery, unfortunately, not all artworks listed on our website can be exhibited at the same time. But after making a reservation, you can always make an appointment to view your favorite work so you can be sure it is in the gallery. You can reserve an artwork (online) for five days without obligation

Reservations can also be made if you want to postpone the decision for rental or purchase for a while; after an online reservation, the artwork is reserved for you for five days. You can reserve up to three works of art that are available.

Temporarily unavailable:

If an artwork is marked “temporarily unavailable,” then it is most likely rented. That tenant is then the first entitled to purchase. Of course, you can indicate your interest to us. We can then find out without obligation when the artwork will be available again and the likelihood of whether or not it will be purchased by the current tenant.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us at info@sillegallery.com or call 0348 – 748 115.

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