Renting or Purchasing art

Each available work of art also lists the purchase and/or rental price. Some of the works of art are only for sale, not for rented, this is determined by the artist. A week trial is always possible.

– An original work of art can be rented from as little as € 15 per month, incl. savings budget
– A loan is basically being able to ‘look at it’ it for a while
– The maximum loan period is six months.
– After the loan period you will be reimbursed 100% of the rental costs, including the accrued savings budget, on purchase
– After a loan period, you may exchange the artwork. In that case, you will continue to save on your accumulated savings.
This enables you to purchase a work of art of your choice, in the future.
– We have a ‘money back guarantee’ policy for direct purchases
– You can reserve a work of art on-line for five days, obligation free

How does it work?

1) Order: On the website, you can fill out an application form for rent or purchase, with the selected work of art. Once you have entered your contact details and submitted your form, Sille Gallery will contact you as soon as possible (usually on the same day, but within five working days) to confirm the order. We will ask you whether you want to collect the work of art at our address in Oudewater, or whether it should be delivered. We have special arrangements for rental outside Netherlands, please contact us.


2) Delivery: Sille Gallery will deliver the work of art by appointment, after we have contacted you by phone or email. Delivery in the Netherlands will take place at a rate of 0.44 cents per km. You can easily calculate your delivery costs on the application form.

With purchases over € 1500, no delivery costs are charged within the Netherlands. This excludes the islands, works weighing more than 40 kg or works which dimensions exceed 2 meters.

Sille Gallery charges € 50 delivery fees outside of the Netherlands.


3) Payment: After the order confirmation, Sille will contact you to determine your preferred payment method. Payment options include (monthly) transfer or cash on delivery. Rent amounts up to € 25 per month should be paid every 6 months. Rent amounts between € 25 and € 45 per month should be paid quarterly. Rent amounts above € 45 per month may be paid monthly. When purchasing you may make use of our art purchase arrangement.


4) Money back guarantee: We have a ‘money back guarantee’ for purchases and rent amounts above € 25 per month. Although a work of art is often much more impressive than the picture on the screen, it is possible that the work of art is disappointing.

  • Inform the Gallery as soon as possible – within two working days – by phone (0031348 – 748 115), if you do not want to keep the work of art.
  • The paid amount (less a contribution of € 25 for administration fees) will be refunded to your account.
  • We will then give you a voucher for this amount (€ 25 ), which you can use to rent or purchase a different work of art.


5) Loan period: you can rent a work of art for up to 6 months. No need to worry about forgetting exactly when the loan period expires. A loan is never automatically converted to a purchase. After 6 months, Gallery Sille will contact you to find out whether you want to extend, exchange, purchase or collect. When purchasing, the rent costs for the last 6 months will be deducted in full from the purchase price. You will receive an invoice so that you can transfer the remaining amount, and the work of art will be your property.


Would you first like to come and see the work of art for yourself at our gallery in Oudewater, before deciding whether to purchase or rent? Unfortunately, not all the works of art listed on our website can be exhibited simultaneously in our large gallery shop. But after making a reservation you can always make an appointment to view your favourite work of art, so that you know for certain that it is present in the gallery.

You can also make a reservation if you want to delay the decision to purchase or rent for a few days. After an on-line reservation, the work of art will be reserved for five days. You can reserve up to three works of art that are available.

Temporarily unavailable

If a work of art is marked as “temporarily unavailable”, it has probably been rented and the person renting it is first in line to purchase. You may of course let us know that you are interested. We can then check, without obligation, when the work of art will be available again, and whether or not it is likely that the person renting it at the moment, will be purchasing it.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact us on info@sillegallery.com or call 0031348 – 748 115.

Sille Gallery Netherlands