Trial placement or art advice

Would you like to try out some art? Sille Gallery gives you the opportunity for a free, non-binding trial. You can then experience how the work of art comes into its own in your home, business or garden. If you cannot transport the work of art yourself, we can also deliver it to you. You can loan it for a few days on sight, without cost or obligation in the Netherlands.

Would you rather like some advice first? We can provide advice for anywhere in your home or garden and for your business space. Sille can determine your needs and expectations in a brief interview. A photograph is taken of the space, and various suggestions are presented digitally. With the digital art advice, you can see the added value of a work of art in your living or working environment, on your own computer. You can also e-mail us a photograph of the space yourself, so that we can show you what a desired work of art would look like digitally.

Commissioned art

Are you looking for something specific? Sille also assists in commissioned art. We look for the most suitable artist, who fits your needs. After making several sketches, the work of art is commissioned, often without obligation.

Are you interested in a free trial, digital art advice or commissioned art?

Please contact us and ask about the possibilities.