Commissioned artwork

Sille Gallery provides free art advice, while looking for the right artist to realize your wishes. This will ensure that your work of art will fit in with you taste and interior, in terms of style, colour, size and budget.

Style of the artist

Have you seen art on our website that really appeals to you and is no suitable artwork available in the right size or color scheme? But does the artist’s style really suit you? Then a commissioned work of art is definitely recommended for you. You can first come to the gallery to view works of art that are available by the artist in question, after which we can discuss a possible assignment.

If an artist can create a work of art entirely in his own style, this is without obligation. Are you not satisfied? Then it goes without saying that we will include the artwork in the gallery’s collection.

  • Contemporary art
  • Unique and by Dutch artists
  • In any size and material
  • For your home or office
  • Obligation-free

Interested in commissioned art?

Do you have questions or are you interested in commissioned art? Please contact Sille Gallery.

Tamara Sille
00316-526 423 44 – tamara@sillegallery.com

Sille Gallery – Goudsestraatweg 8 – 3421 GJ – Oudewater