Are you looking for a sculpture for your garden?

Sille Gallery offers a wide range of sculptures for both indoor and outdoor

• Unique and by Dutch artists
• In any size and material
• For your home or garden
• In different price ranges
• Possibly also commissioned

Sculptures of Corten steel by Angelo Moyano:

An overview of artists who also make sculptures especially for outside:

Some examples from the collection stainless steel, corten steel and stone

Kunst: De Dans van kunstenaar Jeroen Stok


abstract RVS sculptures
Kunst: Metal Figure van kunstenaar Bert Verboon


abstract minimal sculptures
Kunst: Tres Piedras Cortenstaal van kunstenaar Angelo Moyano


sculptures in various materials

Some examples from the collection bronze

Kunst: Looking inward 6 van kunstenaar Angelique Cremers


figurative bronze
Kunst: Missing you xl van kunstenaar Lilian Steenhuisen


human bronze sculpture
Kunst: MusLukt couple (L219038) van kunstenaar Leny Franken


figurative bronze sculptures

Some examples from the collection stone

Kunst: One in hole van kunstenaar Miranda Karskens


hardstone marble art
Kunst: Transform van kunstenaar Leen Kessels


minimal stone art
Kunst: Dwaalruimte van kunstenaar Fieke de Roij

de Roij

minimal stone art

Some examples from the collection epoxy

Kunst: Twee composaurussen van kunstenaar Albert Kramer


figurative animal objects
Kunst: Never-ending III van kunstenaar Monique Lipsch


minimal epoxy and bronze

We generally do not recommend ceramic statues outside in the winter, but some artists fire the ceramics so high that it is suitable. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Complete it

Do you feel that your garden is incomplete? A sculpture for the garden can be the perfect addition. The garden then gets its own character. Our artists make sculptures from high-quality materials and will therefore be able to give the garden the right boost for a longer period of time. Different seasons change the garden, so the art in the garden will also have its own appearance in the different seasons.

Placement & advice

Sille Gallery can also take care of the delivery and placement of a garden sculpture. This can be done by anchoring or strengthening the plinth. Will the sculpture be placed between the plants? In many sculptures, the height of the pedestal is still variable. Another plinth is then delivered and the current one is used for another sculpture.

Would you like help finding the right sculpture for your garden? Art advisor Tamara Sille is happy to visit you to look at the situation. Exploring your taste in combination with style, color and size can be a pleasant accompaniment for you.

Would you like some help in finding the right sculpture? Please contact Sille Gallery.

Commissioning a work of art?

Is the work of a certain artist very appealing to you, but there is no suitable work of art available at the moment? Artists often work on commission, without obligation. The artist will carefully listen to your desires, and create a new and unique work of art for you, in his own style.

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