Textile Art

Art of textiles


Sille Gallery is an art gallery specializing in contemporary art, including textile art. Textile art is a form of visual art that uses textile materials to express creative expression. It can take different forms, such as tapestries, wall hangings, textile sculptures, textile collages and textile installations.

Contemporary textile art is increasingly recognized as an art form in its own right and has attracted the attention of collectors around the world. What makes this art form so special is the combination of traditional craft techniques with modern conceptual ideas. Textile art is an ancient art form that has been practiced since the beginning of time. However, in recent decades this artistic discipline has undergone a true transformation. Contemporary textile artists use innovative techniques and materials to create unique and expressive works. Moreover, contemporary textile artworks are often unique pieces or limited editions, which increases their exclusivity and value. As an art buyer, you invest not only in a beautiful work of art, but also in a piece of history and cultural heritage.

Whereas traditional textile art focused mainly on functional objects such as clothing and carpets, contemporary textile art goes beyond that. Therefore, you can go in different directions with it. Our artists experiment with different materials such as thread, wool, yarn, fabrics and even recycled materials to create three-dimensional create textile objects, woven and felted wall hangings, portraits on tapestry and paintings of wool and silk.

In short, Sille Gallery is a great place to discover and appreciate textile art. It offers a unique perspective on art and creativity. Working with textiles in art is an art form that can be both visually appealing and challenging but also acoustically enhance a space. Textile artwork is sound absorbent and improves acoustics by reducing reverberation in a room.

Kunst: Sylvain van kunstenaar Irene van Vliet

van Vliet

textile weave technique


In addition to individual textile artists, there are also museums that present activities and artworks such as the“TextielMuseum” in Tilburg that promote textile art in a professional manner. Some of Irene van Vliet ‘s tapestries in our collection were made in this famous TextielMusem. This museum includes various activities with different backgrounds and styles in textiles, where they demonstrate the passion for working with this creative material.

In our collection we have gathered a number of unique and intriguing artists. Each artist tells their own story and demonstrates the skill and creativity of the textile artworks. Any questions regarding our textile artists? Contact us: info@sillegallery.com.