Reserving art

Have you seen a work of art on our website that really appeals to you? Then is may be advisable to reserve it. The work of art will then be reserved for you, for five work days. You can reserve up to three works of art that are available.

Would you first like to come and see the work of art for yourself at our gallery in Oudewater?
Unfortunately, not all the works of art listed on our website can be exhibited simultaneously in our large gallery shop. But after making a reservation you can always make an appointment to view your favourite work of art, so that you know for certain that it is present in the gallery. It is also possible to admire the work of art in your home, and even have a few days to take it in. You can then decide, in the peace of your home, whether the work of art suits you.

Another option would be to rent the work of art for six months, to try it out. If you decide to purchase the work of art after six months, you will be refunded 100% of the rental costs.

If a work of art is marked as ‘temporarily unavailable‘, it has probably been rented and the person renting it is first in line to purchase. You may of course let us know that you are interested. We can then check, without obligation, when the work of art will be available again, and whether or not it is likely that the person renting it at the moment, will be purchasing it.