Support Dutch Art

Sille Gallery is there for the Dutch artists who are active today. We currently represent over 250 artists from the Netherlands.

In addition to supporting the Dutch artists in their presentation, sale or lease of their artwork, Sille’s foremost goal is to stimulate the demand for Dutch contemporary art.  Furthermore, it is the artist who determines the selling price, thus ensuring that the customer will pay a fair price.

Always assured of original works of art

Searching for art? In our collection and in providing art advice, Sille will always draw from the art forms from Dutch soil! No copies from China or prints on canvas, but acrylic or oil paintings on both cotton and linen, and always signed by the artist. Original bronze sculptures or with a limited circulation are supplied with certificate. And when producing commissioned art, the artist is always brought into contact with the client. Sille Gallery guarantees the process for both parties.

Curious about the dynamic collection from Dutch soil?

Take a look at our on-line art collection, you can also post questions or comments on the works of art. Feel free to contact us, we will answer all of your questions.