General Conditions

January 1, 2012

The artworks are only lent or sold by Galerie Sille after the Client has taken note of the General Terms and Conditions.

Delivery with rental or purchase
The Client can choose to collect the artwork from the gallery in Oudewater or for delivery. Delivery takes place within the Netherlands at a rate of 0.44 cents per km. For purchases over 1500 euros, no delivery costs are charged within the Netherlands. with the exception of the Wadden Islands, work heavier than 40 kilograms or whose dimensions are greater than 2 meters.

Payment method when renting or purchasing
After order confirmation, Galerie Sille will consult with the Customer about which payment method is used. Payment in advance, on invoice or cash on delivery. Rental amounts up to € 25 per month must be paid every 6 months. Rental amounts between € 25 and € 45 per month must be paid quarterly. Rental amounts above € 45 per month may be paid per month. Galerie Sille is entitled to collect the artworks in case of non-payment. However, the payment obligation remains unchanged and the additional transport costs will be charged. If, even after sending the reminder, the Client has not paid, or has not paid in full or before the final date of payment stated in the reminder, Galerie Sille has the right to charge its extrajudicial (collection) costs to the Client. .

Money-back guarantee for rental or purchase
Galerie Sille uses the Money-back guarantee for direct purchases and for rental amounts above € 45 per month. The Client must notify Galerie Sille by telephone within 2 days of delivery if it decides not to buy the artwork. The amount paid, minus a contribution of € 25 for the administrative costs incurred, will be refunded to the account of the Customer. For the amount of € 25, the Customer will receive a voucher that can be used to rent or purchase another work of art.

Rental Period
The rental period is a maximum of 6 months, starting on the date of delivery or placement. Galerie Sille will contact the Client before the loan period expires. The customer is then the first person entitled to purchase the artwork, in which case the customer receives the rental costs plus the accumulated savings on the purchase value. If the artwork is not purchased by the Client after the rental period, Galerie Sille will make an appointment to return the artwork. If the Customer is unable to return the artwork at the end of the loan period (e.g. due to vacation), he must contact Galerie Sille at least two weeks before the start of the period of absence. If the Client does not return the work on time, Galerie Sille can consider the work as purchased and Galerie Sille is entitled to claim the full value of the work of art, as indicated on the order confirmation / invoice.

Accrued savings on rent
The savings accrued by the Client during a rental period can be used to purchase a work of art or an art voucher from Galerie Sille. If the Client no longer rents through Galerie Sille, the accumulated savings will remain at the disposal of the Client for 12 months, unless otherwise agreed. The accrued savings can never be refunded or set off against payment arrears, compensation or interest and costs due by the Client.

Liability for rent
Upon receipt, the Client must thoroughly inspect the work for errors and defects and these must be reported to Galerie Sille within 24 hours, failing which the Client acknowledges that it has received the work in good condition. Galerie Sille or the artist remains the owner at all times, it is forbidden to reproduce the works of art or have them reproduced, to exhibit them elsewhere or to rent or loan them to third parties. The artworks may never be moved by the Customer himself and is obliged to report this in writing in good time when addressing changes. The Customer must handle the works of art with care and must not be placed in the immediate vicinity of a heat source, direct sunlight or a damp place. The Client is obliged to immediately notify Galerie Sille in writing in the event of damage, loss or loss of the artworks. It is not permitted to carry out repairs yourself or to have them carried out yourself. The customer is liable for all damage to the artworks due to negligence. For complaints about a work of art that Galerie Sille does not have in-house, Galerie Sille will refer the Client to the relevant art provider and provide the Client with the address details of the art provider for this purpose.

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