Photography collection

Sille Gallery works closely with a small group of photographers. These Dutch art photographers exhibit at home and abroad and work only in limited editions regardless of format.

Photography presentation

Our contemporary photographers choose to have the print printed on high quality photo paper including Hahnemühle Photo FineArt Baryta®. This gives a pixel result with high color depth and image sharpness. The dibond sheet (a 2-layer aluminum with plastic in between) provides a support that cannot warp. There is a profile on the back so the photo will hang beautifully floating on the wall. To protect the photo print on paper, another layer of acrylic glass, Diasec®, can be placed in front of it. This can be in glossy, anti-reflex or TruLife. This is 99% UV-resistant and has a 1.5% reflectance.

But there are more possibilities. Some of our artists use the HD-Finish technique. Through heat technology (sublimation), the dibond is coated with water-resistant inks that are incorporated into the top layer. No further finishing is required in this process.

Other artists present the print behind a laminate or behind museum glass in a display frame.

Come visit the gallery so we can showcase the diversity of our art photography.