There is growing understanding and research on how the human brain translates the impressions of art into feelings. Our minds tend to turn everything into recognizable images. Just think of the figures that people are often able to distinguish in the passing clouds.

When an artist, has made a sketch, for example, our minds have to work a lot harder to process the image than when looking at a picture. Our minds actually become more stimulated when everything isn’t clear or complete.

One of the important qualities of art is when it has something intangible and leaves much to the imagination, so that the mind is stimulated.

Art will have a positive impact on your visitors and customers. It has a binding character, people easily talk to each other about art, it challenges and ensures controversial conversations.

Support Dutch Art
Interested in purchasing or renting art for your office?

Discover the diversity of contemporary artists and support Dutch art. If you contact art consultant Tamara Sille for an intake at your office, she will personally visit you. A proposal is always obligation-free

Commissioned art
Are you looking for something specific? Gallery Sille also oversees commissioned art. We look for the most appropriate artist(s) for your needs and take care of the entire process, from art consulting, the design phase to installation.

Sille Gallery is an official dealer of Stas and Artiteq suspension systems, and make use of our expertise.