Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Spring exhibition 2023

March 16 to May 6, 2023

Spring is dawning, spring is about to begin. This is also a great time in the gallery to launch a new exhibition. This time with a broad group of artists who have been associated with Sille Gallery for some time.

We are showing sculptures by Angelo Moyano (corten steel), Fons Uytdehaag (glass), Chris Gadiot (bronze), Jolanda Drukker Murray and Lilian Wessels and Liliane Demeester (ceramics). Photography by Anouk van Tetering and Gert Kist. Wall objects (with light) by Geeske van de Molengraft and painting by Maria Verstappen, Martin Copier, Els Vegter and Suus Suiker (beeswax). New is Greetje Sieders.

Sille Gallery Lilian Wessels gallery

Hans Withoos Oudewater

Greetje Sieders

By birth, she is a goldsmith and may call herself a master goldsmith and gemologist. In addition to creating wearable artistic jewelry, Greetje Sieders also makes unusual wall objects that often incorporate the old gold and silver smithing techniques. She can spend endless hours patinating and shaping metals.

But whether it is precious metal or a piece of beach glass or a found object, Greetje is all about the artistic feeling which brings the value.

New design Angelo Moyano

After the sold-out object Dos Piedras in corten steel, Angelo Moyano has been working on the Tres Piedras for the past few months. In this new design, three shapes balance on top of each other. The lower one has the largest convex shape, on top of which two smaller shapes are placed in corten steel.

The whole thing, like the Dos Piedras, dances on the wind. Admire this new object in our gallery. Up to 12 objects are made and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

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