Saturday, 19 September 2020

Summer exhibition closing festive weekend!

》》Last chance for Summer Exhibition Mirror 2020 at Sille Gallery 《《
Saturday, Sept. 12, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 13, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. festive weekend!

The Summer Exhibition Mirror drew many art lovers to our gallery. The theme of “Mirror” makes for a multifaceted and exciting exhibition. Due to its success, we have decided to extend the exhibition until Sunday, Sept. 13!

On the weekend of Saturday, Sept. 12 & Sunday, Sept. 13, we will festively close the exhibition with music, snacks and drinks.

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Seeking coolness in art: big summer expo Spiegel big success in this ‘corona summer’
The Summer Exhibition “Mirror” at Sille Gallery with works by over 40 artists has been a success in this summer when museums were closed and not everyone went on vacation. More visitors than in other years sought out a work of art at the contemporary art gallery in Oudewater.

Gallery owner Tamara Sille looks around with satisfaction and starts counting. ”Forty-three artists,” she concludes after walking past bronze sculptures, huge paintings, small sculptures and photographs. It’s quite a collection of art forms, all brought together under this summer’s theme of “Mirror. The gallery is now known nationwide for it: every summer, Sille has an expo and anyone who wants to can submit work. After Tour de France, Pepper, Airy, Rhythm and Delft Blue.

A striking painting, in part because of its unusual colors, is Sasja Bork’s from the “wings” series. This work was inspired by a CD cover by singer Tom Waits. The work shows a naked lady and a clothed man in an artist’s dressing room. But in the mirror the roles are reversed, the man is naked, the woman is dressed.

The various small iron figurines by Belgian artist Jan Verschueren also demand attention. Always it is a man with a “ceramic” head, placed on bodies made of scrap iron. The heads seem to be similar: bald, with big lips, big ears and a big nose. They recur as a refrain in Sille’s great room, even once with a crown, a nod to corona. But mostly they have a mirror in their hands or got a big old-fashioned magnifying glass mounted in their heads.

If it stays this warm I think we will not close the expo in August, but in September

Tamara Sille
The summer expo opened in June and there seems to be no end in sight for the successful sales exhibition. ”In June and July it was very busy with people who didn’t go on vacation, who couldn’t go to the museum, but wanted to look at art here and also buy it,” Sille says with satisfaction. ”If it stays this warm I think we will close the expo not in August, but in September.”

Many visitors stare for a long time at a piece by Alphen sculptor Bert Verboon. He placed two stainless steel “steps” on either side of a mirror. It appears to be made of “ordinary glass,” but the audience is led astray. Amsterdam photographer Barend Houtsmuller-who until recently lived in Woerden-printed the reflection of a window in the glass he placed in front of a photograph.

Next to all the modern works, a small bronze sculpture by Janna van de Kaa stands out a lot. She portrayed Rembrandt van Rijn painting while holding a brush in one hand and a mirror in the other to arrive at a good picture.

‘Mirror’ expo on view through Sept. 13, 2020

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Summer exhibition closing festive weekend! Sfeer Summer exhibition closing festive weekend! Sfeer Summer exhibition closing festive weekend! Sfeer Summer exhibition closing festive weekend! Sfeer Summer exhibition closing festive weekend!


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