Kunstenaar Hans Withoos

Artist Hans Withoos is known as a ‘photographic painter’ who builds up his works layer by layer. He paints with new media. His photography is characterized by colorful images full of fantasy with an eccentric aesthetic.

Artist Hans Withoos has done something very special for his series ‘Withoos meets Withoos’. Hans Withoos has merged the painted still lifes and cityscapes of his famous ancestor Matthias Withoos with his own contemporary, surreal images. Withoos uses symbolism from seventeenth-century paintings. He brings these old works to life by adding the fish, flowers, birds and models.

He translates this symbolism into his contemporary photography. The tulip represents the desire for fame and excessive wealth. The lemon for sour love and false friendship. Honey represents the sweet taste of a kiss. In water we find the symbolism of everything that flows: emotions, our deepest feelings and our subconscious.

kunstwerk Kunstenaar Hans Withoos
kunstwerk Kunstenaar Hans Withoos

Reality is nothing but your own imagination"

Kunstenaar Hans Withoos
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Imaginative, eccentric scenes

Symbolism of the past put into contemporary form

Hans enjoys international fame and has made controversial work for the Introdans ballet company and the Orange Babies Foundation. The book ‘Photographic Paintings’ was recently published with an overview of the versatile and colorful oeuvre that the photographer has built up over 30 years.

Withoos graduated cum laude from the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg, specializing in textile design and photography as a second subject. Winner of the International Color Awards in Miami in 2018.