Photography by Jenny Boot

Jenny Boot’s photography produces inscrutable, elusive images. They keep inviting the viewer to keep watching.

Going back to old masters, Boot develops in a style all of its own. In this she adds special objects to her models. For example, she uses a dead swan. Or she dresses a model in packaging material as if it had never been different. A message seeps through her artworks that is overwhelming. But this is not always visible in a short time. Although her art has a rough side, it always feels graceful and sometimes looks like a painting from the 16th century.

Jenny is represented internationally in Sweden, Rome, London and Miami. In the Netherlands, Sille Gallery always offers a broad overview of her photography.

kunstwerk Photography by Jenny Boot
kunstwerk Photography by Jenny Boot

My work is characterized by a smooth exterior with raw content"

Photography by Jenny Boot
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Jenny Boot chose photography when she was 36. This gave her more than painting control. She likes to strongly portray the images she creates in her head. Jenny Boot graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2012. Back then she was already recognized by JFK magazine as talented. In 2012, she was nominated as one of the 100 best up and coming talents in the Netherlands!

Boek van Jenny Boot


  • Rise Art Prize “Artist of the year” (Finalist 2018)
  • Gerrit van Houten Art prize (Nominated 2017)
  • MIfa Moscow International Foto Award (Honorable Mention 2016)
  • Fine Art Photography Award (FAPA) (Nominated 2015)
  • Black & White Spider Awards (Honorable Mention 2015)
  • Life Framer “The Human Body” (Winner 2015)
  • 8th International COLOR Fine Art Award (Nominated 2015)
  • Photography Masters Cup (Nominated (Fine Art and Nude Categories) 2014)
  • Photoshoot Award (Nominated 2014)Members Choice Award PANL (Winner 2012)