Obligation free proposal

Sille Gallerycalls on companies, free of any obligation. We provide advice and see how we can respond to the customer’s needs.

Art consultant Tamara Sille will be your contact person. We can show you works of art on-site, but it is also possible to take photographs of your business premises so that we can present various digital suggestions with the works of art. This enables you to view several options by e-mail.

To determine what works of art best fit your image, budget and composition, we’d like to come by first for a brief intake at your office.

Do you want to view the art in real life, in your business?
Trial placement is not a problem, it is also optional and free of charge.

Art has a positive effect on visitors, customers and employees; it connects and motivates

Support Dutch Art
Interested in purchasing or renting art for your office? Discover the diversity of contemporary artists and support Dutch art. contact us or leave your name and telephone number on the contact form. Art consultant Tamara Sille will gladly visit you!

Commissioned art
Are you looking for something specific? Gallery Sille also oversees commissioned art. We look for the most appropriate artist(s) for your needs and take care of the entire process, from art consulting, the design phase to installation.

Sille Gallery is an official dealer of Stas and Artiteq suspension systems